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Super-sized wide-format 3D Printing

Posted by Grant Cameron on

Replik8 inconjunction with CDG are UK experts in 3D printing for small, very small (< 2mm), large and extra large (> 2m) objects. When it comes to wide-format, super-sized 3D Printing there is nothing bigger and faster than the MassivIT 3D Printer. With an incredible build volume of 1.5 x 1.2 x 1.8 metres, it is big, really big! But the truly amazing part of this new printer is its speed. It is seriously fast. The time to print a one-metre high object can be less than two hours! How about 20 minutes for an object 30cm high? How about printing two parts at one time with no increase in the print time! 

We are working with MassivIT to share our experience and knowledge with our customers in the UK. Please take a look at the following images (courtesy of MassivIT and Dekom 3D):-


For more information on MassivIT and super-sized 3D Printing, please contact us on 01420 88645 or

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