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3D Printer Support Services from CDG & Replik8

Posted by Grant Cameron on

3D Printer Support Services from CDG & Replik8

Professional 3D Printer Support Services CDG & Replik8 have been providing Professional 3D Printer Support & Maintenance Services since 2003. We employ a large team of certified engineers to support you on and off site. We are UK agents / partners / resellers / distributors for 3D Systems, Intamsys, Omni, Sinterit, Fusion, Zmorph and offer comprehensive 3D Printer support services. Supported 3D Printers & 3D Tech The 3D Printers and 3D Tech equipment and software we support, maintain & service includes:- 3DSystems 3D Printers ProJet MJP: 2500, 2500Plus, 2500W, 2500DP, 2500IC 3500, 3510, 3600, 3600W 5500X ProJet CJP: 160, 260, 360,...

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