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Replik8 offer "best-in-class" 3D technology via a UK company with over 15 years experience in selling and supporting 3D printers, 3D scanners and 3D software. We carefully research and test products, sourced from the leading manufacturers around the world, to ensure they are the best. Replik8 sells products and consumables, via this online shop, to individuals, companies, organisations and educational establishments. All prices listed are in GBP and exclude VAT which is added in the checkout with shipping charges.

Replik8 Nautius shell

As for our logo, it is of course based on the Nautilus shell. As the nautilus matures it creates new, larger camerae or chambers, and moves its growing body into the larger space, sealing the vacated chamber with a new septum or inner shell wall. The camerae increase in number from around four at the moment of hatching to thirty or more in adults. The septum is therefore replicated many times over during it's life.