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Corporate Social Responsibility

Statement of Corporate Social Responsibility

We take the social responsibilities inherent in our role as a corporation very seriously. In particular, we are focused on the following objectives:

  • We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We recycle whenever possible, including paper, card, plastic, wood, metal, 2D printer cartridges, electronic waste (WEEE), and domestic waste. All sensitive documents are shredded before recycling.
  • We encourage car sharing, and we own a pool car and a pool van to help facilitate this.
  • We support two charities, chosen by staff: Our Aim, which looks after individuals recovering after major illnesses, and Household Cavalry, which supports returning soldiers.
  • We encourage voluntary work in the local community.
  • We also intend to exercise sensitivity and discretion when handling the needs of individual staff, particularly when they are asked to make long journeys and with special care afforded to those with children.