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Geomagic Capture 3D Scanner with turntable & case * EX-DEMO


  • £2,450.00
  • Save £500

Geomagic Capture 3D Scanner is an engineering grade structured-light scanner with options for polygon editing, surfacing and CAD import.

The ultra-compact Geomagic Capture scanner captures precise data using state-of-the-art blue LED technology. This amazing device captures almost one million points in 0.3 seconds to create detailed models of physical objects, accurate to 0.060-0.118 mm.

  • Capture - Field of View is 190 x 175mm
  • Capture Mini  - Field of View is 88 x 87mm

Geomagic Capture Mini is targeted at scanning smaller objects such as jewellery, dental and small engineering components. Available stand-alone for existing Geomagic users. Capture Mini is a smaller, more accurate version of its previously released Geomagic Capture system.

Capture Mini has accuracy of as little as .034 mm (.0013 in.) and greatly improved fidelity of scan data. This compact scanner captures nearly 1 million points per scan in a speedy .3 seconds, and its field of view (88 x 87 mm) is ideal for objects that fit in the palm of your hand: jewellery, dental prosthetics, electronic components, toys, automotive and aerospace components and other small, precise parts.

Weight 1.35 kg

Warranty is for 3 months.

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