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CADMould RAPID Plastic Flow Analysis


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Cadmould 3D-F Rapid simulates the injection molding of plastic parts. The user-friendly software calculates the filling pattern, the pressure distribution and other relevant process parameters.

Using Rapid, even newcomers to injection molding simulation can check all their projects for feasibility and a design that is suitably tailored to the plastic. You can detect errors at an early stage of product or part design, compare potential solution variants and obtain the decisive key data for product and mold costing. This saves both time and costs.


  • Calculates the results for the filling pattern as well as the pressure distribution, temperatures, flow rates and clamping force during the filling phase
  • Visualizes weld lines and entrapped air
  • Establishes the cooling time and article volume and suitable gating points
  • Depicts results in animations and 3D sections
  • Automatically generates individually configurable reports in HTML, MS-Word and PowerPoint formats.
  • Imports molded part geometries in STL, STEP and IGES formats

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