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Rhino: 3D modelling software v5


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Replik8 sell two Rhino s/w packages:-

  • Rhino3D v5 - for 3D modelling toolkit, with STL import & IGES output
  • Rhino3D v5 plus Mesh2Surface - for reverse engineering, inc. conversion of STL scan data into surfaces and IGES

Rhino includes:-

  • Create and Edit Surfaces – Tangency matching Lofts, Sweep along 1 or 2 rails, create from 3 or 4 input points or curves, rail revolve and revolve, blend, patch & drape.  Create Surfaces from heightfield, fillet, chamfer, blend and offset.  Edit by control points, change surface degree, match, untrim and join, Boolean tool support.
  • Create and Edit Solids – Sphere, tube, pipe and box (and many more), cap holes, fillet edges plus Boolean tools
  • Create and Edit Surface Meshes – Create from surfaces or curves, explode, weld & join and more.
  • General Editing Tools – Move, copy, mirror, rotate, scale, align, array, split, fillet, offset, twist and much more.
  • File formats supported inc. DWG/DXF, SAT, 3DS, STL, OBJ, STEP, VDA, PLY, IGES 

Mesh2Surface includes:-

  • 3D Sketch - Draw curves directly on the mesh to create free form surfaces.
  • Toleranced 3D Sketch - Keep the quality in control in realtime while modelling.
  • Deviation Analyzer - Keep your reverse engineering under control.
  • Segmentation - Automatically split a mesh based on curvature.
  • Measure Fillet - Estimate radius of the fillet of a CAD edge from underlying mesh
  • Constraint shapes - Set the shapes to be vertical, horizontal or custom direction.
  • CurveNetwork Surface - Build surfaces with realtime control.
  • Toleranced Patch Toleranced based free form surface.
  • Extract Shapes - Extracting planes, cylinders, spheres revolved and extruded surfaces.
  • Align object Using fitted shapes to align object to world coordinate system.
  • Symmetry Plane - The video shows how to use the symmetry plane.

Rhino file formats supported (detailed list)

  • DWG/DXF(AutoCAD 200x, 14, 13, and 12)
  • SAT (ACIS, export only)
  • DGN
  • FBX
  • X_T (Parasolid, export only)
  • 3DS
  • LWO
  • STL
  • SLC
  • OBJ
  • AI
  • RIB
  • POV
  • UDO
  • VRML
  • BMP
  • TGA
  • CSV (export properties & hydrostatics)
  • uncompressed TIFF
  • STEP
  • VDA
  • GHS
  • GTS
  • KML
  • PLY
  • SketchUP
  • IGES (Alias, Ashlar Vellum, AutoFORM, AutoShip, Breault, CADCEUS, CAMSoft, CATIA, Cosmos, Delcam, EdgeCAM, FastSurf, FastSHIP, Integrity Ware, IronCAD, LUSAS, Maya, MAX 3.0, MasterCAM, ME30, Mechanical Desktop, Microstation, NuGraf, OptiCAD, Pro/E, SDRC I-DEAS, Softimage, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, SUM3D, SURFCAM, TeKSoft, Unigraphics)
  • NASA GridTool
  • Yamaha ESPRi
  • Tebis

About Rhino

Rhino3d is one of the most widely used 3D modelling applications in the World. Popular with designers, architects, engineers, artists and manufacturers - there is simply nothing to equal Rhino3d in terms of price and performance.

Rhino3d is popular across a broad range of industries including architecture, jewellery, marine design, product design, film and TV, exhibition design, point of sale and transportation. Highly accurate technical surfaces and solids shared with customers and colleagues via a wide range of common file types and Rhino has all the tools required to create 2D production documentation when necessary. Rhino natively supports 3D printing and rapid prototyping and all 3D printers or 3D print bureaus will accept output from Rhino.

Rhino3d presents a true 3D working environment but has a full set of 2D tools suitable for both initial design layout and production drafting. Unrestrained modelling tools allow the user to model anything that can be imagined regardless of shape, complexity or size. Work freely with 2D or 3D curves, surfaces solids and meshes; import existing models, geometry, photographic references or sketches via a vast range of file types. Rhino’s non-prescriptive workflow ensures that designers can model in an individual and unencumbered manner whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy.

A wide range of plug-ins ensures that Rhino3d can be tailored to specific design workflows. Examples include; rendering, animation, modelling enhancements, CAM, analysis, reverse engineering and many industry specific solutions.

The interface is unintimidating and, as such, Rhino3d is easy to learn. Simply Rhino have a wide range of training solutions designed to shorten the learning curve and provide industry specific workflow solutions.

Finally, Rhino3d is extremely competitively priced and there are no annual maintenance or support fees.

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