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Cimatron CAD & Tool Design


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Hybrid CAD Functionality

  • Take advantage of a full hybrid system which allows you to combine wireframe, surfaces, local open solid and solid functions as part of the NC environment
  • Optimize machining by adding surfaces and contours, capping holes and slots,  and extending surfaces as well as applying drafts and rounds, using dedicated features
  • Data Import for All
    Import your customer data and start working within seconds
    Start working as soon as you get your customer's part data. Heal and stitch data or work with non-stitched models and poor-quality imported data
    Quickly and reliably import your customer’s part data with automatic data validation and highly accurate conversion from all standard formats, including DXF, IGES, STEP, VDA, Parasolid (including binary), SAT (ACIS), STL and SAB.
    Take advantage of native read/write options for popular CAD systems, including AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, Creo Elements/Pro, Siemens NX, SolidWorks and SolidEdge.
    Import relevant Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) from several proprietary formats

Fast Parting Surface

  • Use QuickSplit – the industry’s fastest and most accurate parting and cavity design tool
  • Start mold design immediately on any model, no matter the quality of the part
  • Ensure flawless parting with dedicated analysis tools to identify undercuts, check geometry and verify parting surfaces
  • Define multiple opening directions – automatically assign faces to the correct directions, supporting any number of sliders and lifters
  • Quickly generate geometry for cores, cavities, lifters, sliders and other active components for even the most complex molds
  • Apply engineering changes to parting methodically at any point in the project
  • Quickly perform mending and surfacing work using powerful hybrid solid/surface modeling capabilities tailored specifically to the tooling industry
  • Shorten delivery times by using applicative tools to send components to NC, milling and wire EDM on the first day of design

Mold Base Design

  • Load an entire mold base plate set in just minutes utilizing standard and user-defined catalog parts
  • Easily load a standard mold base from commercial catalogs
  • Work efficiently with non-standard mold bases using a dynamic mold base template that includes all components (plates, sliders, etc.)
  • Instantly modify dimensions of components and replace parts in the mold base at any point in the mold design process

Catalog Parts

  • Work with a large selection of commercial catalogs, customize them and create your own catalogs for reuse
  • Browse through catalog parts that include complete and up-to-date details of dimensions
  • Automatically adapt the catalog part or sub-assembly to the main assembly’s dimensions and components with parametric catalog capabilities
  • Integrate catalog parts into assemblies by automatically creating pockets in every plate the part goes through and threading the pocket where necessary
  • Associate catalog parts with their drilling procedures to streamline NC programming
  • Access additional catalog parts using the Cadenas portal

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