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What’s new in December 2018

Posted by Grant Cameron on

There’s a lot of software to be excited about this month, plus a major development in the world of handheld scanners

This month has seen the release of several powerful new software packages from Geomagic and Sinterit, as well as the Einscan Pro 2X, the fastest and most powerful iteration of Shining’s celebrated handheld scanners.


Geomagic Freeform 2019

This major update to the Geomagic Freeform series introduces a host of new tools to improve your design process, the most exciting of which is Dynabot™ Automation: this game-changing new addition allows users to record and playback advanced macros, making repetitive tasks and production workflows a problem of the past! Learn more…


Geomagic Design X 2019

Another gem from the Geomagic suite just got a major upgrade. In Design X 2019, numerous optimisations have combined to make it faster than ever before, with 2X faster processing speed of scanned data. The software’s analysis tools have also received major new additions, including Zebra Strip Mapping and Curvature Combs, to ensure surfaces are as high-quality as possible. Learn more...


Sinterit Studio 2019

For those who have – or want – a Sinterit 3D printer, Sinterit Studio 2019 is the perfect companion. This year, the software has seen improvements to its performance, its arrangement tools, and its interface. With the new ability to upload files by WiFi, it’s as easy as ever to go from final tweaks to printing. Learn more…


Einscan Pro 2X

Last but by no means least, Shining 3D’s Einscan Pro 2X represents a major breakthrough in the world of handheld scanners. The latest version boasts several important new improvements. Best of all, it’s faster and more accurate than ever before, with accuracy up to 0.04mm and speed up to 1.5M points per second. Handheld scanning can now boast scans that rival the quality of much less versatile set-ups. Learn more...

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