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Zortrax Resin Cleaning Station


  • £2,790.00

Zortrax Resin Cleaning Station - for DLP, LCD, SLA 3D printers

Zortrax Cleaning Station is a post-processing device removing excessive, unsolidified resin from the surfaces of models made on all types of photopolymer 3D printers. Cleaning should be done before UV curing and is necessary to preserve the model's dimensional accuracy.

Compatibility with all resin 3D printers

The Zortrax Cleaning Station works with all major resin 3D printing technologies like UV LCD, SLA, and DLP. Due to high volume tank, it can clean relatively large models. Moreover, the device offers full functionality when paired with all resin 3D printers on the market.

Two supported cleaning agents

Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is the most popular cleaning agent used in post-processing of resin 3D printed models and Zortrax Cleaning Station is designed to support it. Some materials, however, need two-stage cleaning. The first stage is done using glycol-based agents and the second is done with standard IPA. For this reason, Zortrax Cleaning Station can also work with glycol-based cleaning fluids.

More efficient rotor cleaning

Zortrax Cleaning Station uses a rotor with adjustable speed to circulate cleaning fluid. Compared to ultrasonic cleaners, it is more delicate and does not damage intricate parts. The cleaning process takes roughly 5 minutes and is fully automated. Once it is done, the top cover opens up and the models are lifted out of the tank for retrieval.

Filtering system

Cleaning fluid is circulated through a filtering system that catches remnants of the resin. This way the IPA can be safely reused in multiple cleaning session. Lifespan of filters depends on the geometry and size of the cleaned models. It is recommended to check the filters' condition periodically and replace them when they are clogged.


  • Internal dims 300 x 210 x 270mm
  • Capacity 18 litres
  • Fluid level sensor
  • Impeller 
  • External dims 460 x 460 x 490mm
  • 100 - 240VAC, 4A, 50/60Hz AC input, 48W
  • Polypropylene cartridge and stainless steel mesh cartridge with UV lighting filter


Zortrax cleaning station, Metal basket for 3D prints cleaning, Starter kit.

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