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Geomagic Essentials scan-to-CAD software


  • £3,400.00

Geomagic Wrap scan-to-CAD software

Key functions
  • Transformation of point cloud data to 3D polygon meshes
  • Intelligent processing and editing of scan data into polygonal models
  • Automated surfacing tools
Scan Data 
  • Process large data sets
  • Collect point data from all major 3D scanners and digitizers
  • Optimize scan data (outlier removal, noise reduction, overlap removal)
  • Automatically or manually align multiple scan data sets
Point & Polygon Editing
  • Reduce dense data sets with uniform and curvature-based point sampling
  • Create polygon mesh from point cloud data
  • Modify, edit and clean polygon model
  • Automatically detect and correct errors in the polygon mesh with just one click
  • Detect and create primitive features (e.g. cylinders, planes) on the model
  • Automatically fill in holes in the model
  • Convert polygons into Nurbs surfaces
Data Formats
  • PDF, 3DS, OBJ, DXF, PLY, STL, LWO, VRML, WRP, VTX, ASC, IGES, STEP, Parasolid, Pro/E, SAT.

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