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Fusion F-Series Rolling Cart


  • £1,295.00

Rolling cart design specifically for the Fusion F-Series 3D printers.

Base for the printer - at perfect working height - plus storage for the filament etc.

This cart features:

  • Matching design to the curves, colour, and features of the F400 and F410 3D printers
  • Durable industrial casters, which roll effortlessly over carpets, floors, and transoms.
  • Pass-through for power and network cables
  • Large storage area within for storing consumables and other items 
  • Note: The storage area is not airtight. Please always store your filament in sealed bags with desiccant)
  • Brushed metal handles for manoeuvering your cart

Warning: only the handles should be used when moving the cart. Moving the cart by pushing the 3D printer or another item on top could cause the printer or item to fall off causing damage. Fusion3 is not responsible for the improper operation of the cart.

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