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FD5 Advanced 3D Printer Filament Dryer


  • £2,785.00

FD5 3D Printer Filament Dryer
Carries up to 2 x 3kg spools or 1 x 5kg spool
Heats and dries filament before printing
Improves part quality
Greatly reduces blockages in the extruder
Temp up to 150 deg C
Ideal for ABS, Nylon, PEI, PEEK etc.

External dimensions: HWD 58x51x54cm

Internal dimensions: 36cm Diameter x 21cm Deep

Operation: via touch screen menu


Print Superior Parts

Many different types of polymers absorb moisture for the atmosphere. Not only does this lead to condensation at the surface of the material, but with time it can also work its way inside the material – forming hydrogen bonds polar functional groups in the polymer.

This can heavily impact the processing of polymers, resulting in prints that are significantly less accurate and precise than if the water was absent.

This is where the FD5 filament dryer excels. It allows for much more stable processing and the creation of parts with:

  • Higher dimensional stability
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Less part warping
  • Fewer cosmetic defects
  • Allows the use of performance thermoplastics

Main Benefits

  • Far fewer moisture-related printing problems
  • Allows the use of highly moisture-sensitive materials
  • The temperature will not be affected by environment moisture
  • Quality and stability of prints will be greatly improved 

 Why It’s Better Than an Oven

The main difference between the FD5 and an oven is a desiccant disc, used to reduce the water content in the absorbed air. The lower is the moisture content in the incoming air, the more efficiently it can absorb the evaporating moisture from the 3D printing filament

The use of partially dehumidified air is what gives the FD5 its distinct advantage over more traditional drying technologies.


Direct feeding

Feed filament directly from the filament dryer to your 3D printer via teflon tube. This ensures minimum exposure to outside conditions and increases process stability.

 Rotary desiccant technology

Rotary desiccant renewal technology doesn’t require regular replacement of the desiccant and allows greater drying efficiency when compared to conventional hot air dryers.

Compatible with most open-materials 3D printers

Mass Portal Filament dryer FD1 is compatible with most open-materials 3D printers and can be used with filaments of up to 3mm in diameter.

Air filtering & Safety

The filament dryer features HEPA & active carbon air filters to reduce escaping fumes and small particles. Open door sensor ensures that the dryer won’t operate with open doors. The filament dryer also features overheating protection.

Front loading

The glass front door with extending centre axis allows for quick and easy loading of filament spools.

Fully insulated metal case

The filament dryer uses an insulated all-metal body and tempered glass door for greater insulation and durability.

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