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Omni PA12-CF Black 1Kg

Omni PA12-CF Black 1Kg


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CF PA-12 A material that never fails on a race track – this is how we can dub the CF-PA-12 filament – a composite material enhanced with carbon fibre, which has found its use in 3D printing. It is particularly solid, highly stiff and resistant to ripping. The last feature is of particular interest here because carbon fibre is 2.5 times more durable that the popular ABS-42.

APPLICATIONS: production of parts for cars / drones /, intake manifold for a racing car, elements with high durability and low weight, functional prototypes, instruments and equipment

Extrusion temperature: 240 - 260 °C
Platform temperature: 75-100 °C
Deflection temperature: 160 °C

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