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AESUB 3D Scanning Magnetic Dice


  • £129.00

 AESUB 3D Scanning Magnetic Dice

  • 12 dice per box
  • For up to 11 retroreflective 6 mm targets (per dice) and even more 3 mm targets
  • With magnet or M4 thread
  • For quick attachment and easier scan preparation

Reference points are essential for capturing intricate details, but challenges arise when markers can’t be used due to an object’s small size or delicate surface. Additionally, achieving excellent scans with fewer reference points is key, particularly when dealing with art rotation or multiple different views during scanning. This is where AESUB dices come into play.

Each dices can accommodate up to 11 x 6mm retroreflective targets, or even more of 3mm retroreflective targets. They are available with either a built-in magnet or an M4 thread, and their chamfered bottom minimizes data loss.

These lightweight dices not only enhance the efficiency of 3D scanning for complex objects but also reduce the reliance on reference points. The magnet quickly attaches to metal surfaces, streamlining scanning preparation.

For non-magnetic surfaces, you can use the threaded version or AESUB scan putty to secure the dices.

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