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Xioneer DryBox EZ filament dehumidifier


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DryBox EZ keeps moisture away from your 3D printing materials. 

Plastics absorb moisture. 3D printing with wet materials leads to porous, weak parts, resulting in poor surface quality. DryBox EZ keeps moisture away from your filaments and prevents these problems in your prints.

  • Active Dehumidifier 100 W self-regenerating molecular filter actively reduces humidity.
  • 5 kg of Filament Store up to 4 filament spools, with 4 outlets to your printer.
  • Durable Quality Stable-built full-metal frame ensures longevity and quality.


Outside Dimension 400 x 555 x 445 mm
Cabinet Dimension (inside) 320 x 460 x 325 mm
Filament Spool CapacityHow many Spools you can fit inside the DryBox EZ Examples of possible spool combinations:

Combination A: 4 x 1 kg
Combination B: 2 x 2,5 kg
Combination C: 1 x 5 kg
Maximum Total Spool Weight 5 kg
Maximum Spool Diameter 330 mm
Filament Feedthrough 4 filament outlets on the backside for PTFE tubes* with an outside diameter of 5-6 mm.

* PTFE tube not included.
Compatible Materials No Restrictions
Adjustable Drying Setting Continuos
Minimum relative Humidity < 20% r.H.
Net Weightw/o Spools 11.4 kg

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