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Sinterit Advanced Toolkit


  • £390.00

This set includes: FUNNEL / TROWEL / IO BOX / FOLDABLE TRAY Etc.

With this comprehensive set of powder tools, you will save both time and powder, while keeping your workspace nice and tidy. 

New powder tools cover the whole printing process, from the initial start-up, through taking out the printouts, postprocessing, and cleaning, both the printouts and workspace.

Toolkit includes: 

 Name of set Individual items, QTY
Startup box

1 x Power cable 
1 x Ignition key 
1 x USB flash drive
1 x Laser Protective Glass

Personal Protection 1 x Protective Glasses
3 x Protective Dust Mask
1 x T-shirt
1 x Protective Gloves
Powder Management 1 x Scrapers (set of 4)
1 x Scoop
1 x Brush 40mm
1 x Measuring cup
Post Processing 1 x Large brushes
1 x Small brushes
1 x Metal strainer (set of 3)
1 x Stainless steel probe
1 x Metal spatula
Service Kit 1 x Trunk
10 x Cleaning pads
2 x Silicone oil (50ml)
6 x Cotton cloth
6 x Spare recoater cords
16 x Infrared heaters 24(V) 20(W)
Powder Tools 1 x IO box
1 x Powder trowel
Powder Funnel 1 x Powder Funnel
1 x Metal backet 12 (L)
Foldable Tray 1 x Foldable Tray

1 x Binder

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