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FiloAlfa PC-ABS Blue 700g

FiloAlfa PC-ABS Blue 700g


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FiloAlfa’s polycarbonate/ABS filament is unparalleled in the FDM 3D printing industry. It boasts fantastic mechanical and thermal properties, combining the strengths of polycarbonates with the ease-of-use of ABS.

It is heat and impact resistant, with near-perfect adhesion between layers and a glossy surface finish. The manufacturer recommends Polycarbonate/ABS for lightweight, wear-resistant mechanical parts.

  • Impact resistant
  • Resistant to wear
  • Platable
  • Glossy finish

Note: Store the material in a dry place and, for best results, dry it before use (for example, you can heat it in an oven at about 100 °C).


Colour Blue
Net Weight 700g
Gross Weight 1kg
Nozzle Temperature 240° - 260° C
Recommended Print Speed 30 - 60 mm/s
Buildplate Temperature 80-110°C
Spool external diameter 200 mm
Spool Width 55 mm
Packaging Vacuum Sealed Spool with Protective Cardboard Box

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