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IntamBox filament feeder & dehumidifier


  • £240.00

The INTAMBox filament dry box is designed to keep your filament in pristine condition. Combined with the reusable molecular sieve, the sealed drying filament box keeps humidity levels low to prevent issues like holes or stringing — particularly important when printing with hygroscopic materials like nylon. The INTAMbox can hold two 1kg filament spools.

This filament dry box can be used with 3rd party printers and materials.

IntamBox features

  • Optimized material storage
    • Overall sealed design with molecular sieve dehumidification
  • Smart climate control
    • Built-in temperature and humidity monitoring sensor
  • Spool capacity
    • Holds two 1 kg filament spools
  • Secure filament system
    • Fixes spools in place to prevent knots and tangles
  • Independent feeder box
    • Can be used with 3rd party printers and materials

IntamBox specification

  • Height 255mm
  • Width 200mm
  • Depth 310mm
  • Capacity 2 x 1Kg filament spools
  • Molecular sieve included

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