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Firewire FR PC-ABS [Flame Retardant] 750g

Firewire FR PC-ABS [Flame Retardant] 750g


  • £80.00

Firewire® FR PC-ABS (polycarbonate + ABS alloy) is made using a premium UL94 V-0 rated PC-ABS.

This filament is ideal for applications that require UL94 V-0 self-extinguishing characteristics.  

Filament diameter specs:  

  • 1.75mm +/- 0.05mm

Recommended Print Conditions:

  • Extruder Temp:  265-285°C, Ideal 270°C
  • Bed Temp:  110 - 120°C
  • Bed Prep:  3DXTech Polyimide Tape, ABS / Acetone Slurry
  • Support:  Our Aquatek water soluble support works great to create complex parts. 
  • Drying recommended

*This is the UL94 rating of base resin we use to make Firewire® FR PC-ABS Filament.  

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