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HIPS EasyFil in choice of colours 750g


  • £25.00

EasyFil HIPS is a high-performance and easy to print High Impact PolyStyrene type of 3D printer filament, which is slightly softer and more flexible than average HIPS filaments and by that making it a very impact resistant HIPS filament. 
EasyFil HIPS is very chemically inert and has outstanding characteristics with respect to hygiene, strength and heat resistance and it prints really smoothly and in fine detail with an extremely matte surface finish. EasyFil HIPS printed parts are very light-weight and can easily be glued together with a variety of adhesives.

Unique features

  • Very limited warping

  • High impact resistance

  • Extremely smooth matte surface finish

  • Light-weight and durable

  • High ESCR resistance

  • Engineered to meet UL 94HB flame retardancy standards

  • Easily to glue with various adhesive

  • HIPS styrene glues, epoxy based adhesives, superglues, and contact adhesives

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