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ABS Transparent ClearScent 750g


  • £30.00

ClearScent ABS is an extremely printer friendly Methyl Methacrylate-Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene type of 3D printer filament which is transparent in its original form and doesn’t produce any unpleasant odours when being 3D printed. 
Besides its transparency and odourless processing features ClearScent ABS is nearly warp-free, has an excellent thermal stability and its 3D printing flowing behaviour is fine-tuned for optimal 3D printing results.

Unique features

  • Transparent ABS filament

  • 90% light transmittance with 2.2% haze

  • Nearly odourless processing / printing

  • No unpleasant ABS smell

  • Very easy to print

  • Warp-free printing and no deformation after cooling

  • Improved flowing behaviour and inter-layer adhesion

  • Good first layer adhesion to several heated print surfaces

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Post-processing with Acetone, TetraHydroFuran (THF) and other Analogous Solvents

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