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PLA Carbon-Fibre CARBONX™ 750g

PLA Carbon-Fibre CARBONX™ 750g


  • £65.00

CarbonX™ CFR Carbon Fibre Reinforced High-Temperature PLA Filament

CarbonX™ CFR HT-PLA is an improved CF reinforced 3D printing filament made using high-temp resistant PLA and high-modulus carbon fibre (not carbon powder or milled carbon fiber). This filament is ideal for anyone that desires a structrual component with high modulus, excellent surface quality, dimensional stability, light weight, and ease of printing.  Made in the USA using premium Natureworks High-Temp PLA and high modulus carbon fiber.  

NO heated bed required!  

CarbonX™ CFR HT-PLA is suitable for use in practically any desktop 3D Printer. Please note - carbon fibre reinforced filaments are abrasive and can wear out a brass or aluminum nozzle. We recommend our A2 Hardened Steel Nozzles

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