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ARGUS 3D Crystal Laser Engraving Machine

ARGUS 3D Crystal Laser Engraving Machine

Shining 3D

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Shining 3D has been in this 3D crystal laser engraving business for more than 10 years . The Argus has smart operation, fast engraving speed and great performance, making it a popular choice for new businesses.

Both 2D pictures and 3D models can be engraved with smart operation. Fine details is created without blocking. Air cooling system is adopted to ensure easy maintenance and high efficiency; compact size makes it portable for business running.

Model Argus
 Laser  Diode pumped laser 532 nm
 Diode life  20,000 hours
 Maximum engraving range(mm) 320mm*320mm*100mm
 Point distance(mm)  0.07-0.12mm
 Point size(μm)  40-80μm
 Maximum engraving speed  4000 points/second
 Resolution  800 dpi
 Mass production  NO
 Accuracy(X,Y,Z axes)  0.02mm/300mm
 Repositioning Accuracy(X,Y,Z axes)  <3μm/300mm
 Power consumption  500W
 Equipment Dimension before packing 812mm*745mm*885mm 
 Equipment Dimension after packing 990mm*950mm*1400mm (L*W*H)
 Machine weight before packing  167Kg
 Machine weight after packing  217Kg
 Cooling system  air cooling system
Working environment 15℃~30℃
Humidity  less than 85%, no dew
 Air  clean,noncorrosive
 Operating system  Windows 2000、Windows XP、Win7 32bit
Voltage and current 100-240VAC,5A
 Voltage fluctuation of power supply <10% 
 Frequency  50/60HZ
 Power grid and ground wire  In accordance with the international machinery requirements
 Processing material crystal, glass, acrylic

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