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Aicon Photogrammetry


  • £5,995.00

Aicon Photogrammetry is used for highly accurate digitization of large objects. It is as easy as taking pictures.


• Extremely accurate point data capture

Digitize and measure large and complex objects

• Use photogrammetry without expert knowledge

• Import data set into numerous packages

• Use and link with 3D scan data


When used in-conjunction with a 3D Scanner (not included)

• Take individual scans without overlaps

• Match scans to a single highly accurate point cloud


Photogrammetry package includes:-

Digital camera Nikon D3100
Precision lens Nikkor 24mm 
Rechargeable battery with charger
Storage device SD Card 8 GB
Reference scale-cross (size : 800 mm x 400 mm)
Targets 500 pcs. 5mm; 149 pcs. re-usable coded targets 
Coded target templates for self print
ScanReference software with hardlock
Flight case for all system components



Camera Resolution: 14.2 Megapixel

Accuracy: ± (0.05 mm + 0.05 mm/m)

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 compatible

Various output formats compatible to all major scanner brands


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