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Mesh2Surface: Scan-2-CAD


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Mesh2Surface is an add-on application for users of the Rhino 3D modelling software.

Mesh2Surface includes:-

  • 3D Sketch - Draw curves directly on the mesh to create free form surfaces.
  • Deviation Analyzer - Keep your reverse engineering under control.
  • Segmentation - Automatically split a mesh based on curvature.
  • Measure Fillet - Estimate radius of the fillet of a CAD edge from underlying mesh
  • Constraint shapes - Set the shapes to be vertical, horizontal or custom direction.
  • CurveNetwork Surface - Build surfaces with realtime control.
  • Extract Shapes - Extracting planes, cylinders, spheres revolved and extruded surfaces.
  • Align object Using fitted shapes to align object to world coordinate system.
  • Symmetry Plane - The video shows how to use the symmetry plane.

Mesh2Surface with tolerancing also includes:-

  • Toleranced 3D Sketch - Keep the quality in control in real time while modelling.
  • Toleranced Patch Toleranced based free form surface.


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