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HIPS Soluble LimoSolve 750g

HIPS Soluble LimoSolve 750g


  • £25.00

LimoSolve HIPS is a high-performance and easy to print High Impact PolyStyrene type of 3D printer filament which doesn’t contain any added colorants and dissolves completely in Limonene. Being soluble in Limonene in combination with similar thermal properties to ABS make LimoSolve an outstanding supporting material for complex dual extrusion ABS prints. 
When not being used as support material LimoSolve HIPS prints in an extremely bright white colour and has exactly the same characteristics as our EasyFil HIPS filament range. 

Unique features

  • Good support material for dual extrusion ABS prints

  • Similar thermal and printing properties to ABS

  • Soluble in Limonene

  • Very limited warping

  • High impact resistance

  • Extremely smooth, bright white and matte surface finish

  • Light-weight and durable

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