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EinScan-Pro+ HD Prime Pack (add-on)


  • £645.00

The handheld EinScan HD Prime has two modes – one for rapid 3D scanning, the other for capturing finer “high definition” details.

Essentially a souped-up EinScan-Pro+ the HD Prime’s Rapid Scan improves the speed of its predecessor by 30%. This mode is perfect for quick capture of objects that will later be refined in 3D design software.

Captured data is smooth, and small details are skipped in favour of the overall shape of an object.

Demonstration of the two possible EinScan HD Prime modes. Image via SHINING 3D

HD mode, by comparison, picks out an object’s details, ideally working indoors. According to SHINING the HD Prime is ideal for applications such as “Reverse Designing, Cultural Heritage Preservation, Archiving and Restoration.”

Installed with SHINING’s latest 3D scanning software update, the Prime is also capable of capturing a object without the need for using stick-on light markers, make the process less labor intensive.

The HD Prime operates at a rate of 10 frames per second and, like the EinScan Discovery the distance between scanned point data is typically 0.09-0.12 mm.

NB. The HD Prime Pack is an add-on module for the EinScan-Pro+ 3D scanner. 3D scanner is not included with this Prime pack (add-on). Please go to 3D scanners menu for inclusive package.

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