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EinScan-SE/SP desktop 3D scanner

Shining 3D

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EinScan desktop 3D scanners are new and affordable object scanners. It outputs are file with comparatively high accuracy for a range of creative 3D printing applications. EinScan SE & SP models bring the industrial grade 3D scanning technology to everyone who wants to design high quality 3D models.

EinScan-Desktop model SE scanner SP scanner
Accuracy 100 microns 50 microns
Min scan volume 30mm cubed 30mm cubed
Autoscan volume 200mm cubed 200mm cubed
Free scan volume 700mm cubed 1200mm cubed
Camera resolution 1.3 mega-pixels 1.3 mega-pixels
Scan speed x1 x2
Calibration Standard High Definition
Turntable Standard High Accuracy

Required computer spec (in brief)

Nvidia 1 Mb Graphics memory; i5 or higher; 8Gb memory Nvidia 2 Mb Graphics memory; i5 or higher; 16Gb memory
Recommended for Schools, Colleges, Hobbyists Professionals, Universities


High Accuracy

Utilizes white-light 3D scanning technology, features in low noise, superior characteristics.

Colour Texture Scan 

Can capture geometric shape, colour and texture information , which can be applied in computer graphics and animation, games, digital archiving, prototyping and 3D printing in mono or colour.

Two Scan Options 

Equipped with automatic scan and free scan mode, is capable of scanning for objects small and large. Two scan modes can switch from each other freely.

From Small to Large 

Capable of scanning for objects small and large. The maximum scanning size is 200x200x200mm under automatic scan mode; 700x700x700mm in free scan mode, up to 1200x1200x1200mm for SP version.

Faster than Ever 

Automatic scan takes less than 1 minute to complete one circle for SP version, many times faster than similar desktop 3D scanner in the market with the turntable scans.

Simple to Use

Allows anyone to scan. All you have to do is “click”and the scan process will be done automatically to turn objects into 3D models on computer. International standard file formats STL, OBJ can applied to many 3D applications.

Ready to Print 

All the digital models scanned are ready to be printed in 3D printer without any editing work.

Eye safety lighting

White-light source is much safer compared to laser scanning, especially for your eyes.




2.5Kg SE; 4.2Kg SP

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