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EinScan-Pro handheld 3D scanner


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EinScan-Pro multi-functional handheld 3D Scanner

EinScan-Pro a multi functional handheld 3D scanner, satisfying the needs for portable scanning and high-accuracy scanning - in mono or colour. EinScan-Pro can rapidly capture the 3D data of the real objects to the computer, including human body as well as freeform surface objects. 

Package options:

  • EinScan-Pro 3D scanner (mono)
  • EinScan-Pro 3D scanner (mono) with Industry kit (automated turntable plus tripod)
  • EinScan-Pro 3D scanner plus Colour/texture camera (add-on)
  • EinScan-Pro 3D scanner Full Kit (with Industry Kit & Colour/texture camera)

    EinScan-Pro Specification:-

      Scan Mode: Free Scan
      Version: Industrial pack (Add-on module)
      Scan Accuracy: 0.05mm (single scan)
      Scan speed: Single scan: <2s
      Scan Accuracy: 0.16 mm
      Part size range (recommended): 0.03-4.00m
      Align mode: Reference point, feature, turntable align
      Texture scan (Add-on module): Yes

       High Speed

      • In handheld scan mode, the scan speed is 10 frames/s.

       Full Colour scan (with add-on colour camera option)

      • External textures
      • Full-colour 3D data of the object.

      High compatibility

      Data output can be used for 3D printing as well as designing directly. Data format: stl, obj, asc.


      EinScan can rapidly capture the 3D data of the real objects to the computer, including human body as well as complex and irregular shapes. EinScan-Pro handheld 3D Scanner has the feature of easily using and the 3D scan software’s user friendliness leads you to finish scanning and realize the operation guided.

      EinScan is equipped with texture scan function, capable of capturing the full color 3D data of the object. The weight is only 0.8kg, which is quite light and portable, also fit for long-time handheld 3D scan. EinScan delivers watertight 3D data available to 3D print or reverse engineering directly, meanwhile it can output the unclosed 3D model (eg. open STL) for reverse engineering / design.

      The Applications Covered: Engineering, Research & Design, Human 3D face & body Scanning, Art, Computer Graphics, Education, Heritage

      High compatibility to 3rd party hardware and software

      The Most Powerful 3D Scanner. 

      Full Specification

      Outdoor operation: Not recommended as affected by strong light;
      Special scan object: For transparent, reflective and dark objects, please spray powder first before scanning;
      Scan Mode: Single scan range 210x150mm
      Light source: White light LED
      Printable data output: Yes
      Data formats: OBJ,STL,ASC
      Scan head weight: 0.8kg
      System support: Win7,Win8,Win10,64bit
      Specification Display card:NVIDIA GTX660 or higher
      Display memory:>2G
      Processor:I5 or higher
      Memory Storage:16G or more

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