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Cube3 Infinity (Soluble Support)

3D Systems

  • £32.00

Infinity [Rinse-Away] support material cartridge

Infinity Rinse-Away Support material is a water soluble filament that enables you to print your part with rinse-away supports. Rinse-away supports are easy and fast to remove for a great looking finished print. Since the supports rinse away, you no longer have to deal with "support stubble" left behind with old break away supports.


Can I print this with any material? Infinity Rinse-Away Support material is compatible with PLA, Nylon and Wood materials.

What resolution does this print in? This is a support material and is used for printing supports. It prints in standard resolution. Its resolution does not affect your part resolution.

How do I remove it? You can either place your part under running water or place the part in a tub of water. Let the part soak in water for couple of minutes. You can use pliers and brush to clean up the support material.

What are the stickers in my box for? These stickers help reduce shifting in your parts. To use, remove the print pad from your Cube, wipe the three leveling studs with water/ isopropyl alcohol and pat them dry with a towel. Remove one friction sticker from the sheet provided and apply to the top of the leveling stud evenly. Use your finger to press down in a circular motion to remove all air pockets. Repeat for the remaining 2 leveling studs. Place your print pad back on the cube and proceed to auto level and auto gap.

Why do I need to level my plate after adding stickers? Adding the stickers to leveling studs may change the auto level of print pad. Having your printer at the right level and gap is important for printing beautiful parts.

How long does it take to remove the supports? It depends on the part size and geometry. Very intricate designs may take a little while longer. On average, for medium sized regular part, support removal will take less than 15 minutes.

How safe is this material? This is a water soluble material. It eventually dissolves in water and is not toxic to use. It is as safe as using craft glue. However, this material is not edible.

Can I discard this material down the drain? It is water soluble and safe to use in home sinks. However, you can scrape away the large chunks of the support material and discard in trash.

Can I print a part with this material? This is a support material and can be used only to add supports to your primary part. This material cannot be used to print a primary part itself. Also, your primary parts need to print using PLA, Nylon or Wood material.

With what printer is this material cartridge compatible? If you have purchased Cube cartridges, they are compatible with 3rd generation Cube only. If you have purchase CubePro cartridges, they are compatible with CubePro only. The cartridges are not cross-compatible.

What is the shelf life of this cartridge? The standard shelf life of 1 year holds true for these cartridges.

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