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AESUB Retro Reflective Marker Dots for 3D Laser Scanners


  • £99.00

AESUB Retro Reflective 3D Scan Marker Dots

  • retroreflective reference targets for laser light scanners
  • light adhesive effect for easy removal
  • Coiled on roll
  • Tear perforation every 20 – 30 cm
  • Two lanes
  • Perfect for application on all vanishing AESUB sprays

AESUBdots retro easy remove are reference targets ideal for the use of laser light scanners with light adhesive strength. They serve as markers for three-dimensional objects during digitization. AESUBdots are self-adhesive and adhere ideally to the vanishing scanning sprays from AESUB and are easy removable.

AESUBdots retro easy remove are available in following inner diameters: 3 mm and 6 mm.

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