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Sinterit LISA-Pro SLS 3D printer * PA11, PA12, PP


  • £14,450.00

Sinterit Lisa-Pro SLS is a complete system providing everything you need to start your own printing adventure in production materials.

The LISA-Pro SLS printing solution has the following unique system attributes:-

  • Strong functional Nylon & PP parts
  • Other material options inc. TPU, TPE
  • No support structures
  • Attractive benchtop printer
  • Full set of equipment for post processing
  • An amazing break-through price for SLS printing

Lisa "Full Set" package includes:

  • Lisa-Pro – benchtop laser sintering 3D printer for printing prototypes and functional parts;
  • Sieve – machine dedicated to sieve used powder;
  • Sandblaster – used in post-processing, cleans the prints’ surface;
  • Accessories – necessary in printing process and post processing (excluding air compressor);
  • Sinterit Studio software (standard version).

Sinterit Lisa specification:-

Build volume:- 
90 x 120 x 230mm for PA Nylon
110 x 160 x 250mm for Flexa TPU materials

Material options:-

  • PA12 Smooth Nylon
  • PA11 Oynx Nylon (required Nitrogen gas during printing)
  • PA11-CF carbon-filled
  • PA11-ESD electrostatic safe
  • PP Polypropylene
  • Flexa Grey TPU
  • Flexa Soft TPU
  • Flexa Bright TPU (can be dyed)

Layer thickness: 75 to 175 microns
Machine dims: 69 x 50 x 88cm
Machine weight: 90Kg
Voltage: 230V
Laser diode: 5W IR type
Max temp: 200 degrees C
Heating elements: Piston, Cylinder, Feed bed, Print bed

Warranty: 12 months
Software: Sinterit Studio or Advanced (Open version)
Support files: STL, OBJ, 3DS, FBX

SLS = selective laser sintering

NB. an airline or air compressor (not supplied) is required for the sandblaster. Nitrogen gas is required.


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