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Innovative FLEX 510 multi-head 3D printer

Posted by Grant Cameron on

INTAMSYS FLEX 510 3D Printer is a brand new system dedicated to additive production using flexible materials and enables high quality production.

FLEX 510 uses the proprietary SXBSTM (Smart eXtruder Bay System) method and allows the use of as many as four 3D printheads in the process. It gives the possibility to make 3D prints from materials such as TPU, which provide flexible, durable parts resistant to bending and deformation. Colin Fei, marketing director at INTAMSYS, says their solution can help support the development of innovative products and optimize production in line with mass personalization.

Flex 510 material

The device allows fast production with speeds up to 200mm/s. Thanks to this, 3D printing efficiency from flexible materials increases more than five times. What’s more, the system of two extruders gives the possibility of independent 3D printing of two objects simultaneously, which also reduces the duration of projects. The maximum extruder temperature is 270°C, while the table heats up to 100°C. The automatic leveling of the work table also saves time that is spent on device maintenance.

In addition, the manufacturer draws attention to the possibility of two-colour 3D printing, which allows overcoming design restrictions. The INTAMSYS device gives designers freedom and design flexibility. It allows them to combine the design process with production, accelerating the implementation of projects and launching new products on the market.


  • 2-4 printheads
  • 2 colour printing
  • 4 filament reels loaded
  • Fast 200mm/s print speed
  • TPU flexible material
  • Mirror printing

Flex 510 3D printer

 PLAY: Flex 510 video on YouTube

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